HProImmune Objectives

The general objective

The general objective of this project is to promote vaccination coverage of HCWs in different health care settings by developing a tailored communication toolkit.


Specific objectives of the project

  1. Increase awareness about the most important vaccine preventable diseases, which pose a particular risk to EU HCWs
  2. Increase awareness about immunizations among HCWs through a database comprising vaccination specific information from across the EU
  3. Provide new knowledge about vaccination behaviors and barriers among HCWs
  4. Identify best practices for the immunization of health professionals
  5. Provide new knowledge on how to communicate and promote immunizations among HCWs by piloting a purpose and tailor-made Immunization Toolkit
  6. Increase awareness and promote HCW immunizations through a widely disseminated and pilot tested HCW Immunization Promotion ToolKit comprising recommendations, communication guidelines, tools and fact sheets.