Target Groups

The HProImmune target groups are health professionals, including nursing and auxiliary personnel who come into direct contact with patients, addressed in the following 3 levels:

  1. Individual physicians and their assistants or nurses according to each MS's legal framework, mainly in primary care, accessed mostly through professional associations.
    Private practicing physicians represent a major part of the HCW workforce, mostly practicing in primary care. Changing their behavior towards vaccination will also enable this group to serve as an accurate information source for their patients and communities and become role models. The HCW Immunization Promotion Toolkit will include guidance, information on the vaccines and presentations addressing the needs of the primary care practitioner and a database of existing EU guidelines, policies and current legislation.
  2. HCWs in the hospital setting (hospital doctors, nurses, auxiliary personnel, laboratory technicians, hospital pharmacy personnel).
    Hospital personnel are also an important target because they come into contact with vulnerable populations and their vaccination status can impact their patients' outcome. These groups will be indirectly targeted through public health professionals and health care administrators who are responsible for organizing their vaccination.
  3. Public health professionals (working at regional or national level) and health care administrators (working at hospitals or at national level) who are responsible for organizing large scale immunization campaigns for HCW.
    The HCW Immunization Promotion Toolkit will also include information and tools to assist in organizing such activities, registering vaccinated personnel and monitoring adverse effects based on the collaborative work with ECDC/VENICE/EMA, presentations and information material for the organizers.